Gina Rivera | Aug 26th: Gina Rivera
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Aug 26th: Gina Rivera

26 Aug Aug 26th: Gina Rivera

So many of us are sitting back waiting for opportunities to come our way, it’s natural. My approach however, is much different. I believe that you must go after things in life or opportunities will pass you by. Opportunities don’t just happen, they must be created. Not only do I believe this, I surround myself and hire people in my company that are like minded.

I recently engaged on a speaking tour called “Colour Your Life” where I discuss what I have learned from my life experiences as well as my career. A large segment of Colour Your Life addresses exactly this topic. You have to ask for things in life. I know it can sometimes be scary but if you don’t ask chances are you don’t get.

I hear many of the young people in our company talk about promotions, raises and moving up in the company. My advice to you is if you want a specific job, promotion, or pay; then you have to go for it. Create your opportunity by working hard, being on time, completing your work and bringing new ideas to the table. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Make it impossible for your work to go unnoticed. Make yourself irreplaceable. Create your opportunity! Then ask for the things you want.

Keep in mind, the answer may not always be “yes” but what if you miss out on an opportunity because you fail to ask? Don’t get me wrong, I understand nothing comes easy and sometimes you must be willing to ask more than once or go after your opportunity through several avenues. Sometimes your idea may be rejected or you may be turned down on your first request. Don’t get discouraged, remember the backbone of opportunity is persistence.

If you have passion and are willing to commit sweat, blood and tears, then an opportunity is just around the corner. If you live it and breathe it, you can be sure there is an opportunity coming your way. Yes, there will be obstacles everyday but through these you will learn and grow. Trials and tribulations make us stronger and build character. So what are you waiting for? Go get your opportunity!