Gina Rivera | Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on the Emmy’s
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Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on the Emmy’s

27 Aug Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on the Emmy’s

Timeless bobs and pixies made a strong showing at the Emmys with other trending styles taking cues from the 60s and colors headed into fall with rich, dark blacks and deep reds emerging from the lighter, blonde tones of summer.

The Emmys, of course, are one of those epic events that everyone watches for what’s next in style. The pixie is clearly trending strong. This can be a pretty sharp, geometric cut. But at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, the pixies were softer worn by Lena Headey from “Game of Thrones” and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Many other styles were characterized by softer, more subtle cuts, too, while colors continued their move toward fall with deeper reds, more natural, darker blondes and dark browns and blacks with lots of sophisticated shine.

We saw a lot of longer bobs, but hair was up, too. Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family” had hers in an elegant bun with soft light brown tones and caramel highlights. Hayden Panettiere of “Nashville” gathered hers in a soft, romantic chignon.

The hair on stage at the Emmys was as beautiful as ever, but subtle. We saw something similar at the MTV Music Video Awards the night before, leaving room for the eyes and smiles to really beam. We saw the faces of the presenters and honorees, beautifully framed and accented by their hair but not overwhelmed.

Gwen Stefani was at the Emmys, having updated her hair from a 40s-50s look the night before at the MTV Music Video Awards. For the top television honors at the Emmys she had her hair neatly parted down the center and combed in a classic 60s style.

Heidi Klum of “Project Runway” also had her hair parted down the center with her blonde locks curled from the mid-shaft down with a natural, polished look.

Men, too, took cues from the recent past … incredibly handsome, they wore their hair in short, polished, sophisticated cuts parted on the side, notably Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” and Colin Hanks of “Fargo.”

Colors are trending dark again for fall, the reds among them. Debra Messing had her stunning red tresses parted deep on the side, softly curled and pulled elegantly over one shoulder with something of a ‘20s flare. This was popular last night, having the curls in a long bob draped just over the shoulder, so we can happily expect to see more of this in the fall. Julia Louis-Dreyfus also had curls draped over a shoulder but in a rich black tone that was trending strong at the MTV Music Video Awards the night before.

Kelly Osbourne of “Fashion Police” was a wonderful exception. She had her hair in soft lavender mohawk. There is always room for standout fun.