Gina Rivera | Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on the pony tail
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Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on the pony tail

25 Jul Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on the pony tail

The ponytail is one of those eternal ‘dos, and for good reason … it is so practical. Right now, though, the humble ponytail is enjoying a surge of glam on the runways in boundless variation, including side ponytails that work so well with the trendy loose look.

Particularly cool about this trend is that most of the variations are really easy to do. And it can be mingled with an equally endless variety of braids, high and low parts. It can be gathered taught and glossy or loose and wispy, low near the nape or high on top a la Gabrielle Union.

Jennifer Lopez has owned the ponytail, often wearing it shiny, slick and gathered pretty tight. It fits her really well, but she’s also worn it loose and full of curls that pour down her back.

An army of celebs have been wearing side ponytails, mostly with the hair loose and lots of volume and curls. This is a romantic look that Mila Kunis just nails.

The ponytail was a favorite prediction for summer styles and, indeed, it is one of the great victors of the season, but the variety we’re seeing was untold. There’s just nothing like it for conveniently getting long hair or a bob neatly out of the way. But this year the ponytail Is a mainstay on the red carpets.

When we’re outside and active, the ponytail screams “healthy.” On a casual outing or evening, the accent can be on “playful” with some youthful wisps around the face. Again, this can be easy to create, particularly if you follow the natural tendencies of your hair. At work, though, a ponytail can be all business, combed in a uniform, glossy tail, maybe with a sharp, perfect part. Give it a contemporary dimension by setting the part low.

Maybe you’ve already got a tight, thin braid. That will blend beautifully in a ponytail. Add a strand of gold or colored ribbon to the braid for added summer drama.

Speaking of blending summer trends, the ponytail is the perfect pairing for a crop top that was all over the red carpets this spring. Worth noting, those wearing the crop tops fare best with a skirt, shorts or pants that cover the belly button. This new look isn’t about low slung faded jeans riding on bony hips. This is for a high, romantic waistline. This goes beautifully with the nape of your neck exposed beneath a playful, romantic ponytail.

In reference to another hot style, the tightly undone-unkempt look is so easily managed by pulling it back into a ponytail for a mid-day change of look but, remember, your hair doesn’t have to be in the way to warrant a ponytail. Do it for its own sake.

Look for cool new clasps, clips and holders for ponytails, some incorporating leather and jewelry.

As always, be open to change!