Gina Rivera | Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Hair Accessories to Trend This Spring
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Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Hair Accessories to Trend This Spring

07 Apr Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Hair Accessories to Trend This Spring

I’m betting on headbands and other hair accessories trending strong this summer.

We’ll always have one or two ponytail holds, barrettes or headbands on the vanity because they’re essential. We need them to get our hair out of the way for a workout, cooking or gardening, but I think we’re going to see more of them as fashion accessories, merging with the bohemian and hippie looks, and the romantic period updos we’ve seen so much of lately.

Headbands were practically emblematic of the flower child movement of the ’60s and ’70s, adorned with, of course, “flowers,” but the possibilities are endless, including metallic headbands of leafy filigree and glassy gem clusters and beads.

Designers for Marchesa at the London Spring Fashion Week paired wispy soft dresses with flowery head bands to go with wavy natural hair. And in Milan the fashion house of Dolce & Gabbana went with headbands, combs and clips of gold leaves, pearls and red roses with Spanish-influence updos to accompany the romantic clothing designs. The latter were actually the fashions on sale for the coming fall and winter, but the difference between the clothes and the hair is that we can all start wearing the hairstyles immediately, while we may need to wait a couple months for the clothes to hit the racks.

Particularly strong on the runways and red carpets on this side of the pond have been those ’60s-’70s center parts. Think about Calvin Klein — much of the latest offerings by that label have been paired with center parts and loose wavy hair. And Reese Witherspoon, nominated for Wild, was on the red carpets for the Oscars in Los Angeles with a simple, elegant center part.

These looks can’t help but echo the ’60s and ’70s. A lot of these beautiful hair styles, though, have remained unadorned. We’ve been in a long, beautiful trend of natural colors and simple waves, ponytails and updos. Hair accessories that make a statement are a natural next step, and a perfect trend for the warming months of spring and summer.

For every ponytail there is a clasp, tie, ribbon, band or hold. Lately, the selection has grown dramatically with lots of new leather and metallic designs that are not only attractive but highly functional, quickly adding flare to virtually any style. Many of these accessories also are very inexpensive. Even bobby pins have been decorated with stones, metallic leaves and filigree. These new selections allow for every sort of look from simple and contemporary to flowery and romantic.

These accessories can be added so easily to make a corporate workday style suddenly appear soft or adventurous. Why use just a “nothing” ponytail band when you can occasionally change your look entirely while retaining the ease and function?

As always, be open to change!