Gina Rivera | Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Back to School
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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Back to School

13 Aug Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Back to School

Here it comes. First day of school is fast approaching.

That’s a signal for lots of us that fall styles are just around the corner. Maybe there’s time for one more beachy, honey-soaked ‘do before shifting to those wonderful, rich reds that we’ve been eyeing.

For our kids, though, this can be a really stressful time. Heading back to school, especially a new school, can be nothing short of scary. It can cause parents a lot of worry, too. No one likes to see their child upset. To counter some of this angst, consider this strategy:

Take your daughter or son for a trendy new cut. As a stylist, I see all the time how people are elevated emotionally by a new cut, or just by getting their favorite cut refreshed. This is a perfect time to boost confidence and lighten the mood. It’s also a great way to tell your kids that you think they’re great and that you get it — heading back to school can be a tough time.

Here are some tips to help you make it happen:

1. Search for the latest kid cuts so that you can pull up the best photos quickly and make suggestions.

2. Use this as an opportunity to talk about anything and everything with your kids. Walking that ‘red carpet’ on the first day back is tough for a lot of reasons and you can be ready to talk about any of them. Perhaps most importantly, listen to your child. It’s okay to not have all the answers. Simply being supportive is key.

3. Remember that this is your kid’s hair. You are the parent and, ultimately, it’s your call and you should set limits but very little that you might do to your hair is permanent … and thank goodness. You cut your hair, it grows, you cut it again, etc. I think this is a good place and time to give your kids some latitude. Pick your fights, battle for better homework instead.

4. This isn’t just for young kids. If you have young adults headed to college, what a great gift to give them a trip to a salon.

5. Boys may be reluctant to visit their mom’s salon

6. One thing I might avoid is a particularly delicate cut, one that requires a lot of pins to stay in place, for example.

7. If you think this is going to be a fight, pick another way to tell your kid how great she is. This shouldn’t be a battle over whether she can shave her boyfriend’s name on one side of her head.

8. Some kids don’t want a lot of attention. That’s fine. Simplicity and beauty go hand-in-hand. A great stylist will know what to do, making it a clean cut that compliments your kid’s face.

Have fun and, as always, be open to change!