Gina Rivera | Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Hair for that Killer Halloween
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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Hair for that Killer Halloween

06 Oct Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Hair for that Killer Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and we’re wondering how to out-do last year’s costume. Make it happen with the hair!

You’ve got so many options. Wigs can play a huge role, and they may be essential. We can change our look entirely and temporarily. They are terrifically convenient. They can be very expensive, however, for a nice one. They can also be hot to wear and itchy. So try doing something first with your real hair.

Temporary colors keep getting better.

• Hair crayons make it about as easy as anything can be. They come in a big variety of colors and kits, they are inexpensive and, most importantly, wash out easily.

• Not far from the crayons are color rubs. You get lots of choices, they’re easy on the purse and wash out without hassle.

• Clip-ins and extensions for a pop of color couldn’t be more convenient. They go in, they go out. Voila!

• Of course, there are spray colors. Super easy, particularly good when you want more coverage. Also works well for creating patterns or spots. Try with a stencil! Cut out stars, polka dots, even spiders and leopard patterns that will shimmer and disappear when you dance.

• Coordinate mascara and eye shadow for accelerated drama!

Like extensions and clip-ins, hair accessories are the ultimate in convenience and can really nail a costume. Think about headbands for that 60s hippie look, tiara for a princess, Greek laurel wreath for an athlete, feathers, beads, big booming headphones!

Don’t forget braids! Along with twists, these are the natural accessories that have gained such popularity recently, and they are an essential element of any Rapunzel costume… long, long, LONG braids. May need a hair extension for that one.

This is the time of year when even ghouls, zombies and walking dead are sexy! It’s that just-risen look, sort of like a bed-head look, but a “coffin head.” You’ll do a lot of teasing to create big matted patches, and you’ll go through a LOT of hairspray. Accent dreadlocks and braids with little spiders, bugs, tiny pumpkins and skulls, loose sticks from the yard.

Halloween is a great time to have some fun, shift a little from reality, let a bit of your life pop like that fuchsia extension peeking out from deep under your beautiful tresses.

Don’t let the costume overshadow your hair. And never forget makeup and nails. These don’t just complete the look, they make it.

Be open to change! What better time than Halloween!