Gina Rivera | Sept. 30: Gina Rivera
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Sept. 30: Gina Rivera

30 Sep Sept. 30: Gina Rivera

Being responsible plays a huge role in becoming successful. You have to be willing to take ownership for both successes and failures. We all make mistakes when growing our businesses and that’s okay and even expected as long as you are willing to recognize your mistakes and work to rectify them.

Sometimes mistakes serve to teach valuable lessons. I have made a lot of errors along the way and it’s very humbling when you’re going through it. On the positive side, you soon find out what works and what doesn’t. But the first step is to admit to yourself and others when you are wrong.

Some people think admitting fault is a sign of weakness but I firmly believe the opposite. People gain a deeper respect for you when you are willing to take responsibility. There are a few methods I believe work best when handling a mistake, especially in the work place.

First, tell the party who it may effect that you have made a mistake and explain how it happened. This may be your boss, your client or even a family member or friend. Next assure them that it will not happen again. These are the first few steps to rebuilding your trust with the individual and your reputation.

Next acknowledge their feelings about the mistake. Don’t down play them whatever you do because this sends the message that the mistake is not important to you and that you don’t care. Instead, make sure you show them that you are sincerely concerned about the problem without being defensive.

Finally, let them know you want to figure out a solution to rectify the error and propose some ideas. It’s important to be open minded and go the additional mile under these circumstances by allowing them to provide input on the solution. Sometimes this is difficult but it’s crucial when moving towards resolving a mistake.

Making mistakes is a part of life. It shows we’re human. For me, being in a leadership role, I have noticed that people have a much easier time relating to me when they see me acknowledging my mistakes. Taking responsibility allows me to lead by example in a more effective way.

Though at times it can be embarrassing and humbling, mistakes are inevitable but they shouldn’t be paralyzing. I say” own the mistakes” because this provides you the opportunity to correct them and ultimately build a successful business and life.