Gina Rivera | Testimonials
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Gina Rivera has touched the lives of others with her inspirational story of starting off in her parent’s salon sweeping floors to rising to the top of the beauty industry. She is loved by fans around the world for providing words of inspiration and for her sincerity. From reading her columns to watching her on primetime TV. Her fans adore her. See what they’re saying:

“I just watch Undercover Boas and I’m so proud if you Gina!!! What you did for your employees, you’re an angel from heaven!!!! We need more people like you, Gina!!!”
…Charlotte Shiba


“I love the tips, keep them coming”
…Debbie Anderson


“You sound like one amazing person to me. Great attitude!! Love and prayers”… Julie McCullough Wells


“You Go Girl”
….. Courtney Dawn Combs


“My favorite episode”
…Troy Nathan Richards


“I wish I could contribute and be part of your team someday”… Julia Rodriguez


“Inspired to keep going”…Laurie Washington


“Watched the episode just now. Bless you Gina. You are so generous and giving”
…Ginny Meacham


“Wish we could get u to come speak at our salon in South,  La”
…Yvain Bryant


“Gina Rivera you rock as a Boss!”…Serinity Peace


“Wish I had an angel like you in my circle”
…Rho Mackey


“I look forward to seeing you one day. Loved it!”
… Adrian Bradford


“Will watch again, was such a good show! So, wish I could go to your salon.”
….Donna Harris DeBoard