Gina Rivera | Dec. 16, 2015: Gina Rivera
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Dec. 16, 2015: Gina Rivera

16 Dec Dec. 16, 2015: Gina Rivera

Daily morning routines are so important in my eyes. I have always believed there are many underlying benefits to having a routine involving positive habits.

For me, I love to start my day in prayer with devotions before I even get out of bed. This simple act gives me strength for the day as well as what I call my “spiritual food “. I am basically setting the tone for my day and getting my head and heart prepared for whatever I face.

Some people have the attitude that routine is great for children but they fail to develop positive routines in their own lives. I believe this is a big mistake. Having a routine creates structure and structure results in discipline. In my mind, discipline is absolutely essential to have if your desire is to become successful.

Solid and positive routines cross all boundaries. They can apply to you as a person, a parent, a student or someone starting off in their career. They can also have a profound impact on being a good teacher, leader or a CEO of a company. The list goes on and on.

Routines also teach us to be organized. I know all of us, including me, get up thinking the day is going to go as planned, however, sometimes unforeseen incidents occur and our plans go south in about three minutes. This is when routines can be really important. Developing the structure and organization required by a good routine tends to help us get through the tough days by dealing with one thing at a time.

You have often heard me say “stay the course”, meaning be consistent. Again, this translates to maintaining a routine. Here’s what I recommend when developing your routine. First, create a positive thought process from the time you open your eyes. For me this is prayer and devotions. For you, it may be positive affirmations, listening to positive music or reading something uplifting. There are many options.

Second, your body is its own mechanism and you must take care of it. So, eat a nutritious breakfast, take medication that your doctor has recommended for the morning, stretch, maybe do yoga or a short workout. Take care of your body, remember, it’s the only one you will ever have.

Next, have an ‘attitude of gratitude”. Take just a couple minutes and reflect on the things you are thankful for. This doesn’t mean you have to write them down, but think of five to ten items each morning that you are truly grateful for. This may be your family, your children, your job, your home, the beautiful day outside, etc. Again, this can be a multitude of items.

Finally, review your daily planner. Take an inventory of the day that is ahead of you. If you practice the items above, you will surely feel more ready to face whatever is outlined in your schedule. So take note, a good routine like this can benefit you in more ways than one and in areas that extend beyond your business life and encompass your personal. And, that’s worthwhile!