Gina Rivera | Dec. 9, 2015: Gina Rivera
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Dec. 9, 2015: Gina Rivera

09 Dec Dec. 9, 2015: Gina Rivera

We all get busy in our lives at home as well as at work. With all the busyness that we encounter in today’s world, it’s easy to get distracted at one time or another. I don’t know of one person on earth has the ability to go through the day doing without having a million different thoughts running through their minds.

Often these thoughts can serve as distractions that prevent you from making important progress. If we allow distractions to take over, it’s difficult to get ahead on anything. While understandably, we can’t ignore every idea that passes through our minds, it’s important that we learn how to manage distractions if we want to accomplish things.

Distractions can keep us from focusing on the task at hand. It can disrupt your concentration and avert you from completing important tasks. It has taken me a long time to learn that everything has a place and time and I must control my focus.

For example, when I am at work, I have to focus to ensure I provide my clients with great service. In order for me to achieve this, I had to learn to leave everything at the door before beginning my work day. This means if I am trying to deal with something outside of work, I can’t bring it inside of the workplace.

Bringing distractions into the workplace serve to preclude me from properly servicing my clients in the way that they deserve. After all, they are paying to have my full undivided attention as well as wanting top of the line cut or color services. Distractions can also serve to poorly effect my judgement with items that may require more thought that what I am able to give them when I am sidetracked.

Some of the simple steps that I apply to control distractions are as follows; First, I identify what my distractions might be. Second, I avoid my phone and computer during the first early hour of the day. This allows me to gather my thoughts and review as well as prioritize my agenda for the day. Likewise, I set aside the last hour of the day to wrap up necessary items and plan for the following day.

Next, I make sure I have a balance. It’s a proven fact that individuals that balance their personal lives with work are more productive employees. To balance, you must identify the things that help to reenergize you so that you can stay focused on busy days. This may be setting aside time to go to the gym, playing with your children or winding down with a good book. For me, I begin my day with prayer and devotions to ensure I feel balanced. Balance is important because the reenergizing it brings will make you feel rested and will fuel creativity.

My final tip is to use one source for “To Do” items. For example, if you have a calendar with your kid’s activities and a separate planner with your work meetings and appointments, it’s easy to become fragmented and miss important events. Having everything in one place allows you to properly prioritize as well as plan your time. This results in less distractions overall.

To recap, take time to identify distractions, prioritize work, create schedules and allow time to gather your thoughts each day. It may seem basic and simple, but I guarantee that you will accomplish more and eliminate distractions from creeping into your mind. So, get ready to focus and have a great week!