Gina Rivera | Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on Fall Looks
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Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on Fall Looks

07 Jul Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera on Fall Looks

I am nowhere near done with summer but who can resist taking a peak at the predictions for fall hair?

I feel like the haircuts are starting to go more geometric with dramatic, harder lines. We’ll see some cool broomstick ends, some tight buns on top, like ballerinas, some pronounced center parts and softer color transitions in ombres.

Bobs will be so popular and go a number of ways, most dramatically with blunt edges, as will some long, straight cuts. We’ll see more metallic tones, dark blacks to grayish shines, coppers and silvers. Also for bobs, we’ll see piecey cuts, some with wispy ends, like Julianne Hough has done so well. Another master of the bob continues to be Victoria Beckham. Hough also does an awesome pixie, another style expected to make a strong showing in the fall, maybe in a bit longer cut than what we’ve seen recently.

Ponytails will remain strong, perhaps with more blunt, dramatic ends. Reds were strong last fall and winter and they’ll be back for an encore. Rich, deep, blood reds are an expected favorite for the fall.

A standout style developing for some time is the ballerina look, essentially a small bun or twist with the hair pulled pretty close to the scalp. We saw a lot of the bun last winter. It’s a beautiful element, gracefully exposing the neck, typically more formal than a ponytail, even at play or in the gym.

Like a carefully structured ponytail, the bun can exude utter control. Taking another lesson from recent ponytail creations, we’ll see the bun move down low to the nape of the neck for some ‘dos. And, like the ponytail, buns will go flawlessly tight or stay loose with sexy wisps and strays. What we’re seeing is extraordinary versatility now in both these ‘dos. They’ll work at the gym or gala. It’s your look, wherever you go!

Ombres have been strong with their smoldering reds and dark browns and so many women look great with these. They’ll continue to be a popular ‘do this fall but I am expecting softer transitions with fewer tones and more uniform coloring.

As always, be open to change.