Gina Rivera | Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera Talks Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Osbourne And Her Best Hair Color Tips
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Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera Talks Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Osbourne And Her Best Hair Color Tips

22 Aug Fashion & Style: Gina Rivera Talks Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Osbourne And Her Best Hair Color Tips

You were recently named a spokesperson for 3Deluxe. Can you tell us about that?

I’m so excited to be a spokesperson and get behind such an incredible product. 3Deluxe USA is a color line that has come out of Italy. They have been around for about ten years and they’ve sold over 22 million tubes of color. About 6 months ago, we were able to become the sole distributors for North and South America. We’re super excited about it, it’s an incredible product. Hairdressers get so used to what they’re using and they’re often creatures of habits, but it’s been really exciting to introduce 3Deluxe to our stylists. We have over 200 salon professionals who’ve already changed to 3Deluxe. The color line has 55 shades and they’re constantly adding more and more. It can be used as a permanent, semi or demi permanent hair color. You don’t have to use several different lines, so it’s really beneficial to the stylist. And the tubes are almost double the size of most colors that are sold right now so they’re getting more bang for their buck.

You had said via email that you wanted to talk about the idea that women over 40 shouldn’t wear the same hair color they did in their 20s. What should we know about this?

I don’t necessarily think you can’t wear the same hair color, especially now that women and older women, too, are getting away with fun, vibrant colors that weren’t as accepted a few years ago. What was seen as kind of punk is now more accepted. For women over 40, take, for instance, Sharon Osbourne’s red hair. That’s something she could have done in her 20s, and she’s now doing it in her 60s and she looks great. I think the main thing is to have a consultation with your stylist to guide you as to what’s becoming. As we get older, our coloring can change a little and you might get unwanted wrinkles, and sometimes hair color can make those areas more prominent. There’s room where you do have to be careful, but to go as far as saying that you can’t use the same hair color, I feel like your stylist can help guide you. I think your cut matters more than your color, too.

How can they go about finding that cut and color that’s most flattering?

They should just go in and sit down with their stylist. The client should give an idea of what they want, and then the stylist guides them and studies their face and coloring and makes recommendations on where the cut should lay that’s most flattering. For the color, looking at the eyes and skin and asking them what their wardrobe is like, that’s a big factor. It’s all about the consultation with your stylist.

Going back to the women over 40 idea, who are some celebrities that you think are doing that well?

Of course, Jennifer Aniston! She always does what’s becoming on her and her hair always looks amazing. And I mentioned Sharon Osbourne, what a class act she is. The color and cut couldn’t be more perfect for her. She is dead spot on and looks absolutely terrific.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I do want to say that now that we’re at the end of summer, throughout the season you’ve seen people going lighter and now they’re starting to want to go darker for fall. You’re seeing a lot of color correction, and 3Deluxe is so loaded with fatty oils and essential oils that it really, really strengthens the hair and puts a lot of moisture in the hair. It can 100% affect the results of your color. The stronger your hair is, the better health it’s in. And with 3Deluxe’s shine and coverage, there isn’t a product out there that’s close to it – and I’ve been doing hair for 25 years and I’ve tried every product out there.