Gina Rivera | Huffington Post, Getting Holiday Ready by Gina Rivera
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Huffington Post, Getting Holiday Ready by Gina Rivera

17 Oct Huffington Post, Getting Holiday Ready by Gina Rivera

Is this really the time, during the Holidays, to make a big change in your hair style? I say, “Yes!”

Hair is about expression, and if you’ve been ‘expressing’ the same thing for a long time, you probably need to make a change for its own sake. There is no better time to make that move than during the ‘see-and-be-seen’ party season.

Hair is not simply about what other people see. What we do with our hair molds the way we feel about ourselves, too, which (dare I say) may be why we hesitate. We can feel the uncertainty in our anticipation.

On the other hand, ‘it’s just hair,’ and the truly great thing about hair is that it grows, which makes this canvas very forgiving. If we don’t like the style we just did, we can change that, too. Whatever we do, it’s not final. “Phew!”

Pros and cons of rockin’ the top for the Holidays:

• We can make a big splash. The Holidays are laced with red-carpet opportunities and everyone is anticipating gifts and renewal and parties so, when you show up with a new style, that’s one more ornament on the tree! Go for it!
• We’re changing our hair anyway. This is the time of year that we move from the beachy blondes to the darker shades, including those elegant reds and warm mocha colors. We’ve had our hair down … time to go up. We’ve been in high ponytails, now let those shiny black waves wash over our shoulders.
• We already made appointments with our stylists! … You did make your Holiday season appointments, didn’t you?

• I can only think of one. You don’t like it. What to do? Don’t worry. Change it again. If you’re headed for the company Christmas party, be honest with your stylist … no need for sarcasm or yelling. Consider that, while it may not be exactly what you had in mind, it’s still pretty cool and you can be happy with it. In the unlikely event that it is an obvious disaster, remain calm and encourage your stylist to help you with a solution. Almost certainly, she will want to make it work.

• Have your phone loaded with hair photos when you head for the salon. You are much more likely to get what you want.
• If you go in without photos and ask your stylist to brainstorm, be ready for a cooperative effort.
• If you want a dramatic style change, make sure your appointment is long enough to make it happen.
• Unless you know your stylists very well, be cautious about making big style changes the same day as an important party.
• Be ready to change, and to change again. This has got to be the best defense against disappointment. Whatever you do with your hair, (I’m repeating myself) it isn’t permanent.
• I think the prospect of change is hardest for people who’ve been in a rut. Almost by definition, they want ‘out,’ but taking that step can be tough. Consider a versatile color and trim. Then, for the first party, go with a high bun, for the next, drop it into a wavy bob, and for New Year’s Eve gather your hair in a romantic chignon with a braid and strand of gold filigree.

Be open to change … Love change!