Gina Rivera | Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Here Comes Prom
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Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Here Comes Prom

11 Mar Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Here Comes Prom

Here it comes … the prom. Never too soon to get ahead of this. Maybe you’ve got a couple months before your daughter’s date is knocking on the door.

I have some predictions for hair. What I see trending toward that epic event is NOT a whole lot of hair accessories, which we have seen in recent years … let me rephrase that: the hair will be the ‘accessory’ as a wide variety of braids, fish tails, twists and a mix of these elements are used to create romantic styles and particularly updos.

Recent examples: Iggy Azalea and Gwen Stefani at the Grammys. Rapper Azalea wore a perfect crown of braids. She had another braid style with a ponytail at a pre-Grammys celebration. Stefani had an updo gathered in the back that, unlike Azalea’s crown, was loose and soft, also gorgeous and setting a completely different mood.

Your prom queen can get a lot of different looks with braids, a very symmetric, structured Azalea-esque wrap ear-to-ear, or as a headband with the rest of the hair left down with long, loose curls. The beauty of a braid is that it can be done in so many sizes and fits well in so many different styles expressing lots of different moods. A braid does not have to be the dominant element, but can work well as an accent or adornment, and you can easily decorate a braid with an endless variety of holds. Consider threading the braid with a strand of gold filigree, a beautiful look for a formal occasion like a prom.

I’ve also seen a move toward the romantic, Renaissance updos with a braid, top not, twist or bun, sometimes in the middle of the crown or toward the nape with large curls and loose tresses of hair pulled out around the face. The look is characterized by long, loose curls and it’s all perfect for a prom, elegant, romantic, sophisticated and beautiful.

More recent examples: London and Milan Fashion Weeks, two of the big four to finish in recent weeks, saw lots of updos on the runways, namely designs by Paul Costelloe in London, and by Blufin, Alberta Ferretti, Dolce and Gabbana in Milan, the latter incorporating filigree headbands.

Prom is like a dream. It’s still out there. The preparation is almost more fun that the event. Girls often focus on the search for a dress but consider, instead, finding a ‘look’. Hair will be essential regardless.

Make it fun … way fun. This can be one of the biggest, most memorable times of a young woman’s life. It’s never too soon to start flipping through magazines and galleries online. And with some time on your side, you can try some different hair styles before the limo arrives. Have fun. Be open to change!