Gina Rivera | Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Many J-Los take AMA’s
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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Many J-Los take AMA’s

29 Nov Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Many J-Los take AMA’s

Loved Demi Lovato and her roaring ’20s finger waves in that black bob and deep side part to go with her glittery backless gown. Awesome!

Selena Gomez was another wonder with the dark, dark hair, single tone or nearly so, sleek center part and alluring backless gown. Always an eye stopper.

Interesting to see Nicki Minaj all-over dark brown. Always so fun to see what color her hair will be next. Could this be the real thing, or close to it?

Gwen Stefani also went with retro hair, hers in a 70s go-go look to go with one of the ultra-sheer gowns at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the 2015 American Music Awards.

How many Jennifer Lopezes were at the AMAs? That was incredible! The host of the AMAs made about 10 dress and hair transformations, including a couple of top knots; two loose and wavy styles parted down the middle; two combed sleek straight, one of those behind the ears; one gathered back loose in a ponytail with wispy bangs around the face … how many is that?

Appeared that J Lo’s coloring stayed the same but her stylists shifted layers to make big changes in the look. Lopez was a show unto herself, always crazy sexy but everything from athletic in the tribal body suit to icy elegant in sheer gowns with hair to compliment.

Guys hair? Still ownin’ it! Same place we’ve seen it for months now … all over the place and cool! Long, stringy hippy hair and rough beards, some tight looks with buzzed sides, a few surfer-easy cuts and NOT much of the classic gentlemen looks of red carpets and tuxedos early in the year, particularly at some of the cinema awards. Maybe we just get a little crazier with music.

One Direction was every direction … so cool from long to short. Justin Bieber kept his blonde look for the rain dance. Michael Clifford did his Raggedy Andy in red for this red carpet. And Frankie Grande with a mohawk and stars carved into the buzzed sides.