Gina Rivera | Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Santa, I Want Volume
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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Santa, I Want Volume

03 Dec Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Santa, I Want Volume

‘Tis the season for volume! That’s what a lot of us want for the Holidays. It’s party time and we want to make a ‘red carpet’ entrance with some drama, baby!

Hair with volume isn’t the only style trending. Take a look at recent red-carpet galleries for the American Music Awards and the Country Music Association Awards for a nice overview of what’s hot for the Holidays, including some retro 20s looks, center parts, dark one-tone coloring, pastel colored ends and blondes that are still strong. Volume is really big, though, with lots of loose romantic ponytails and buns, and sexy layered looks.

Volume 101

• First, use a hair mousse or styling gel. Rub it around in your hands a bit, then start working it through your hair. For longer hair, tip your head upside-down and work from mid-length toward the scalp.

• If you start with damp hair, use a blow dryer and begin with hair dangling upside down, working your fingers through your hair as you dry.

• Now use a rounded brush to build some curls and waves. Use a larger diameter for a bigger curl or wave to the hair, smaller diameter for a tighter curl. This is where you section the hair. Smaller sections will give you more control and a tighter curl.

• For optimum results, first gather sections at the top of the head, pulling the hair straight off the scalp, then starting at the end, roll the hair around your brush from end to roots. You are actually using the brush as your roller. Dry the hair and let it cool with the hair still wrapped around the brush. Repeat for each section.

• Make sure you’re getting your hair dry. If it’s even a little damp when you hit the sidewalk, it’s going to go limp. Bye, bye volume.

Tips for on-the-go volume:

• Put your hair up in a bun for work. Drop it down just before heading to happy hour. Sleeping with your hair in a bun is a way to get some volume in the morning. If you have naturally sleek hair, you’ll need a little product, especially around the roots, to keep that volume going.

• Change your part. Take your hair in the opposite direction over the scalp for some quick volume.

• Volumizing powders or a shot of hairspray at roots can do wonders on-the-go, right before wowing the Holiday office party with those new ankle boots.

Happy Holidays! Love change!