Gina Rivera | Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Velvety Red for Fall Hair Styles
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Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Velvety Red for Fall Hair Styles

10 Sep Huffington Post: Gina Rivera on Velvety Red for Fall Hair Styles

Subtle hair color is trending this fall with soft shades dominating, including some very soft and natural reds.

These reds have a velvety look and texture, and to achieve the best fall red for you, consult with your salon professional so that he or she can determine the best blend for your skin tone.

Reds are tricky compared to other colors. The tonal variations are endless (literally), and one that looks fantastic on your girlfriend might be loud and garish on you. Stylists are trained to find the best blend for you, and the best stylists have an innate talent and passion for creating perfect tonal gradients and layers that produce a subtle but enchanting pop with just the slightest turn of the head … It’s what we do. Making you beautiful.

Another reason reds are tricky is that they can fade quickly compared to some other popular shades, so it is very important to use a color-safe shampoo, and you will find professional products specifically for reds. These will extend the life and vibrancy of your reds.

Reds aren’t the only color trending. We’re seeing some soft mocha browns, again following your skin tones and matching eyebrows. It’s a very natural look. We saw some intense, dark hair colors testing the runways in recent months but the softer looks appear to be winning.

It will be interesting to see the hair on the catwalks as New York Fashion Week begins the “Big Four” this week, followed by London, Milan and Paris. This is where top apparel designers market their creations and collect orders for next spring and summer … We may have to wait for the clothes but we can wear the hair now.

If there is any remnant of the ombré, we’re seeing a very, very subtle version. The colors are maybe one or two levels lighter than the next. Again, everything is very soft.

Blondes are muted this fall, not as streaky, also looking very soft. I am seeing some hair with a subtle streak in the front, creating a bit of a sun-kissed effect.

Always remember to use professional products when coloring your hair, and always consult with your stylist. Almost certainly, they’re keeping up with the newest trends and can suggest some fun ideas.

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