Gina Rivera | Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Softer Styles
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Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Softer Styles

13 Jan Huffington Post- Gina Rivera Softer Styles

By Gina Rivera, Phenix President, Founder and Hair Expert

The star-studded People’s Choice Award is telling us that hair trends are holding steady toward soft and simpler styles, but perhaps with a move toward deeper side parts and asymmetrical design that add elegance and intrigue to these looks.

Actress Portia de Rossi (“Ally McBeal” and “Arrested Development”) coined the new direction. She wore a layered bob with soft waves, a deep side part and asymmetrical shape that gave her style a classy, sophisticated look.

Hip Hop controversy Iggy Azalea made us “Beg for It” with her hair in sort-of ’70s retro Go-Go look with a center part and some poof volume off the back of the crown.

Amy Adams (“Catch Me if You Can,” “The Fighter” and “The Master”) proves the ponytail will live forever. This look is still trending huge, and it’s hard to imagine a time when it wouldn’t have a VIP seat up front with so many possible variations. Adams looked terrific with her copper-red hair gathered in a slick-back look, yet another style that continues strong, and for good reason when it looks so fine.

How to Get It: You don’t want slick-back ponytails to look oily so go easy with these nutrients and use hair gels and spray with a shiny finish. To get that symmetrical illusion, try parting the hair into a deep on the side and tuck the hair behind the ear and leave opposite side down. Add some big waves or loose curls with a big-barrel iron. Pull it out with your fingers for a softer curl or wave but do NOT overwork it.
Ginnifer Goodwin (“Big Love,” “Something Borrowed,” “Walk the Line”) wore her deep, dark chocolate hair in an edgy, piecey pixie that retained a softness.

These deep, dark browns, like Goodwin’s, are popular right now … sure as the snow, a sign of winter. We’re seeing a lot of deep plums and blood-reds, too. Meanwhile, though, blondes are holding strong and they look so, so great, and in these pure, all-over tones with subtle highlights and soft, soft color transitions, these typically-summer shads work wonderfully in the dead of winter.

As always, be open to change!