Gina Rivera | Sept 9th: Gina Rivera
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Sept 9th: Gina Rivera

09 Sep Sept 9th: Gina Rivera

Throughout my professional life, I have made purposeful and conscience decisions to build my companies based on strong values. I have strived to put others needs before myself and worked to maintain integrity in each situation that I face.

When you have a sense of values and integrity in business that align with your personal principles, you will naturally feel better about your accomplishments. It’s also much easier to be comfortable when you make hard choices if you apply your core values to the decisions.

Some of the items that I believe encompass integrity in the workplace include the following; honesty; excellence, personal accountability; utilizing experts and mentors when needed; respecting other’s opinions, time and property; acknowledgement of others accomplishments; transparency; confidentiality and most importantly; the Golden Rule…treat others as you would like to be treated.

When you begin to operate based on some of these simple ideas you will notice several items. First, you will begin to eliminate some of the disturbances that distract employees and coworkers from performing at their highest level. Second, you will open communication and build effective relationships. This can result in policy changes and overall improved job satisfaction.

Next, by leading through example you can permeate your workplace with ethical standards that overflow into many areas. From a simple practical standpoint, you will also begin to limit your liability when you adopt these habits.

If you put a strong moral code into practice, you will feel more successful. I don’t mean successful pocket wise, I mean internally, in your heart where it counts.

Sometimes in life taking the high road can be difficult but real success must encompass integrity for it to be worthwhile. Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint. If you do things with integrity, it may take you longer than anticipated to get to your destination but you will feel much better when you step across that finish line.